Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have been tagged by the sweetest thing to ever draw a breath of air, My wife and the infamous author of the Blairbunch blog.


Write 6 random things about yourself on your blog

(or in my comment section if you have no blog)

Tag 6 people at the end of your post

If you are tagged, do it and pass the tag along.

1. I LOVE salmon patties even though they stink up my house.

2. My feet NEVER smell bad.

3. Watermelon makes me sick.

4. I used to have a car named "mango" (the little red neon)

5. I think that the velveeta brand of mac and cheese is not as good as the kraft creamy.

6. I probably think too much about food. 50% of my facts have to do with food. maybe that's why it's getting so hard to tie my shoes.

I, Pastor Ray, being of sound mind and medeocre health hereby tag:

Delbort, Jace, "Nichols News", "The Frey Five", Billy Big FEESH, Papaw Jerry.


Blair Bunch said...

I sure miss that Mango! You haven't made us salmon patties in a long time, you should do that soon!

Billy Big Feesh said...

Just leave the leftover salmon patties at home BLEASE!

Jace said...

Since you tagged me I decided to reinstate my blog. You can find it at Thanks for the push.