Saturday, September 27, 2008

Movie Review

M and I just got home from watching the new movie "Fireproof". For starters I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is married or may be thinking of getting married.
In a world where movies have budgets that could solve the hunger problems in a handful of third-world-countries, it is clear that this movie was put together with a frugal budget. But once you get past the sub-professional acting and a few corny lines, you find a movie that is quite entertaining and applicable. In the movie the main character takes a forty-day challenge from his father to try to win back his wife from the brink of divorce.
The plot moves quickly and keeps your attention (which is no mean feat for a guy that thinks that every movie should have a light sabre fight and at least one epic battle). The story line is also quite interesting and really got me thinking about the kind of husband I am. I liked how the movie was pretty real about the issues that married couples face, yet still handled them tastefully. Above all it was a movie that was truly "Family Friendly" - which makes me ask the question: If a movie isn't family friendly is it really Christian friendly? We'll have to deal with that one on a future post.
All in all I give it two exuberant thumbs up, a must see for this fall's movie lineup.


Blair Bunch said...

I had fun watching that movie with you! (and having a date) Love you!